NO BB WOD 24-07-2022

STRENGTH SKILLWARM UP FRONT SQUAT TO HEAVY WEIGHT 10'EMOM 8'8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 REPBUILD IN WEIGHT EVERY ROUNDPARTNERWODEVERY 4' x520 synchro wall ball20 alternating DB snatch10 synchro ttb10 alternating DB cluster RX: 30/20

Lees verderNO BB WOD 24-07-2022


Teams of 3ROW FOR DISTANCE in 41'Only 1 rowingOther 2: AMRAP 18'10 synchro air squat20 down up400m synchro run REST 5'AMRAP 18'10 synchro box jump over20 hand release push up30…


WOD 05-06-2022

STRENGTH SKILL: KB GOBLET REVERSED LUNGES Every 1'45 x6Work 1' - rest 45" KB SHOULDER TO OVERHEAD Every 1'45 x 610Reps (5L & 5R) PARTNERWOD: 27-21-15-9 Synchro KB swingKB clean…

Lees verderWOD 05-06-2022

WOD 19-06-2022

STRENGTH SKILLFront squatFind 5RM in 10'Every 1'30 x54 front squatPARTNERWOD2 ROUNDS25 synchro front squat25 box jump over25 synchro push press25 burpee25 synchro clean25 pull upTC: 25'EVERY TIME YOU BREAK OR…

Lees verderWOD 19-06-2022

WOD 18-06-2022

STRENGTH SKILLEMOM 24'1: 12 wall ball2: 12 weighted sit up3: 12 double db shoulder to oh (15/22,5)4: 30 DU/ 50 single under5: 12 double DB front rack squat (15/22,5)6: RESTPARTNERWODBUY…

Lees verderWOD 18-06-2022